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50 fictive buildings; New Land

The latest issues of  Dutch magazine for art and literature Terras and Belgian literary magazine DWB both have a strong architectural focus. While DWB presents fictional buildings by means of text and architectural representation, TERRAS moves to the scale of large spatial visions in its issue New Land.

DWB’s editor Christophe van Gerrewey invited 50 authors to write about a an architectural space featuring in literary fiction. As next step in the chain, 50 architects were invited to  react, by means of a drawing or model. The result is an exciting collection of contributions, diverse, rich and evocative, which can be read on different levels. First, it reminds us of the literary spaces we have encountered while reading novels,  spaces we have always wanted to read, or obscure literary spaces which now raise our curiosity. Second, the 50 short texts are a feast to read on their own, showing a diversity of thoughts, associations and styles of contemporary Dutch and Flemish authors. Third, leafing through the issue, the drawings not only re-create literary spaces of the novels, they as well evoke new spaces, of mystery, rigidity, rhythm, reverie and imagination.

TERRAS #07, with its 254 pages rather a book than a magazine, chose New Land as its focus, bringing together reflections on Utopia, visions of future worlds, and new grounds. The many poems and stories this issue contains are from Dutch as well as international authors, in Dutch translation.


DSCF5713  DSCF5718 DWB: spreads from the book


pages from the article showing results of the Ways of Doing msc1 studio in Delft, which focused on the surreal Westland area in the Netherlands.


DWB 5 / december 2014 , 50 fictieve gebouwen
edited by Christophe van Gerrewey
Dietsche Warande & Belfort, Gent: MER. Paper Kunsthalle.

editors Mischa Andriessen, Kim Andringa, Herman van Bostelen, Sanneke van Hassel, Erik Lindner, Ton Naaijkens, Ehud Neuhaus, Jetske van der Velden, Ruth Verraes, Miek Zwamborn
Amsterdam: Tijdschrift Terras, Stichting Perdu 2014

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