Sanne Dijkstra


Biography sanne dijkstra

graphic design

In my work as a graphic designer, it is important that it communicates clear and directly. With few resources like typography and layout I want to create a great effect with minor surgery, sometimes robust and at the same time minimalistic.

free work

This graphic design approach also applies to my illustrative and free ink drawings.

I draw in a very graphical way with loose lines, intuitive and also quite realistically or correctly (in terms of body proportions), this is what I call open concentration. This way I try to translate the emotion in the posture of a model.

A combination of architecture, persons and atmosphere of the city.


With photography I aim to catch the same kind of emotion.
In my Berlin book you can see how I have captured patches of memories, history and dreams. My inspiration comes from a combination of architecture, people and atmospheres of the city.

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