Susana Oliveira

Susana Oliveira, PhD, teaches Design and Visual Communication at the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon. She was one of the initiators and organizers, with Arch. Pedro Gadanho, of the first conference on architecture and fiction: Once Upon a Place: Haunted Houses and Imaginary cities in Lisbon, 2010. ( She edited the Once Upon a Place proceedings book (Lisbon: Caleidoscópio, 2013) as well as a book series where literary works are transcribed to architectural drawings and models. The first book, now in print, is a XVIII novel by Bastide, La Petite Maison, with drawings by Siza Vieira (Abysmo). She was a Visiting Scholar at GSAPP-Columbia University early 2014 and is currently developing her Postdoctoral research on Architectural Imagination in Literature, funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation.

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