Mike Schäfer

Curious about the working of things, interested in people and amazed about the world, brought me as a young boy on the path I walked today. A path that is not straight forward or to the point, but wandering and many detours showed me new and refreshing possibilities. With no plans for my future I came in contact with the world of building through the practical school of building technology. After finishing that school I continued and received my bachelors’ degree, but still my curiosity was not satisfied. This led me to the Technical University of Delft where I received my masters’ degree in Architecture in 2010. From that point I started to work for various firms and assignments as a freelance architect. But I also focus on the academic world, where I try to contribute to the questions that keep appearing to me.

Even now my path is far from straight, I try to understand the world by analyzing, questioning and, I hope – in some ways – to change it.

Website: www.mschafer.net

Owner of architectural firm:
EMES | architectuur.research

Technical University Delft, Faculty Building technology, Master degree in Architecture.

Bachelor degree in building technology, Zuyd university in Heerlen (HBO).

Practical school, Arcus College Unit technology in Heerlen. (MBO)